Gravity Ghost Announced for PS4 With Timed Exclusive Content

Developed by Ivy Games and released earlier this year on Steam, Gravity Ghost was announced today for the PlayStation 4, though no release window was given.

When the PS4 version does launch though, it will include the following timed exclusive content:

  • New constellation with brand new challenge levels
  • 3 additional bonus tracks from the OST by Ben Prunty (composer of FTL)
  • New unlockable player character

Playing as a little ghost girl named Iona, you fly through the cosmos looking for her friend the ghost fox. Through her travels she meets many unusual creatures, including giant Guardians, some stranded survivors of a black hole, and spirits of many animals.

“By reuniting the spirits of dead animals with their bodies,” the description adds, “she sees flashes of her life and begins to understand and come to terms with her death. It’s an unusual story for a game, and one I’ve wanted to tell for a long time.”

The voice actors in Gravity Ghost include Logan Cunningham (Bastion narrator), Ashly Burch (Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?), and Sarah Elmaleh (Gone Home).

[Source: PS Blog]