GameStop Surprised at “Aggressive Discounting” of PS4 and Xbox One Consoles in the UK

PS4 vs Xbox One Sales

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One prices have been rapidly getting lower and lower in the UK, leading GameStop to believe that the UK market is the most competitive market for current-gen consoles right now.

GameStop is currently selling some PS4 bundles at £290, MCV reports, while Xbox One consoles are being sold as low as £250. That’s a big price drop, considering a new PS4 cost around £349 when it first came out in the UK, and the standalone Xbox One cost around £329. GameStop International President and EVP Mike Mauler explained that the “UK market is incredibly competitive,” and said that “we have not seen that type of aggressive discounting in other markets.”

The UK market is incredibly competitive from a price perspective. I remember how it was during the Christmas holidays – adding games into bundles and discounting the bundles. We have not seen that type of aggressive discounting in other markets. 

Most of the promotions are from the manufacturers – we work very closely with them. Depending what their goals are, we provide them with support. It’s not as haphazard as it might appear – it’s part of a broader strategy that each platform holder has to gain market share.

Mauler also expressed surprise at how quickly the industry is abandoning last-gen consoles, like the PS3 and the Xbox 360. He explained this abandonment has led to a boost in pre-owned game sales, saying that “if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, you are prone to buying a lot of used games that you haven’t played before.” 

[Source: MCV]