Rive Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Hacking, Two Tribes Confirms It Won’t Come to PS Vita

Two Tribes has just published a new Rive gameplay trailer, complete with flashing lasers and huge explosions.

Like the last gameplay video, a lot of beautiful colors and crazy gunfire are featured in the new trailer. Unlike the last video, however, this trailer shows off “hacking,” which apparently allows players to make enemies fight with them, instead of against them. The video’s YouTube description mentions it is “the first RIVE trailer that clearly shows the hacking in action.”

Around the same time that the trailer was released, Two Tribes also announced that Rive will not be coming to PlayStation Vita due to “hardware limitations.” Originally, the team said that PS Vita “might” be able to run it.

Rive is set to come out sometime this year on PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U. Are you bummed about it not coming to PS Vita?

[Source: Two Tribes (Twitter), Two Tribes (YouTube)]