Rive Launches on September 13 for PS4 & PC

Two Tribes announced today that their final game, Rive, is releasing on September 13 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 and PC. European PlayStation Plus members can currently pre-order it for £9.59 (20% off the regular price).

In development for roughly two and a half years – about three times longer than Two Tribes expected – Rive started out as a 3D on-rails shooter with a time rewind mechanic, but is now a 2D twin-stick shooter/platformer where you can hack your enemies:

Blast your way through a mysterious starship as space scavenger Roughshot, who suddenly finds himself trapped with only his badass canons and hacking skills to help him escape.

With 360 degrees of pixel-pumping destruction, brutal attacks like Falcon and Tesla bursts, voice acting by Mark Dodson (Gremlins, Star Wars), and multiple game modes such as Single-Credit and Speedrun, RIVE deserves an explosive spot on any action fan’s radar.

Two Tribes Co-Founder Collin van Ginkel said, “After sixteen years of making video games we have decided to stop, and focus on something else. Rive will be our final game, so it has to be our best game by a large margin. We are really taking our time to make Rive absolutely perfect, and perfection takes time.”

Answering some questions on the PlayStation Blog, Ginkel revealed that a PlayStation Vita version isn’t planned at this time. They did look into it though, “but it wasn’t going to be a great version if we went for it.”

Ginkel also revealed that there’s a shop in Rive where you can buy weapons and health/loot magnet upgrades, a Platinum Trophy is included, there won’t be a demo, and, on average, testers have spent about six hours on the normal campaign.

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