Project CARS Crosses One Million Copies Sold

Released less than a month ago, Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco announced today that Project CARS has sold over one million units worldwide across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

After the blog post noted how Project CARS is the “highest-rated racing game on PS4,” Studio Head Ian Bell talked about the fast success for their title:

Throughout the development of Project CARS the community were instrumental in guiding the game – giving us feedback daily on each build iteration, telling us what needed improving, highlighting what they’d like to see included, and ultimately approving it as the racing game of their dreams. Even with this amount of early indication that the bold, ambitious vision we had was on track to be something that would truly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the existing leading titles in the genre, it wasn’t until the first review scores came in that we truly realized how much Project CARS had resonated with both media, racing professionals, and gamers alike around the world.

To now stand here having reached over a million players in such a short time really justifies the work both the team and the community have done over the years and solidifies Project CARS’ future as the multi-platform racing experience of choice for fans around the world. And we’ll be talking more about that future very, very soon.

As the official Twitter account revealed, we’ll be hearing more about Slightly Mad’s DLC plans for Project CARS next week.

Additionally, they said that the big update 1.4 is releasing in the “upcoming weeks.”

Did you help Project CARS become a million seller?

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