Report: Dark Souls 3 Screenshots and Info Leaked

We recently shared reports of Dark Souls 3 possibly making an appearance at E3 2015. While the rumor is still unconfirmed, The Know has released the video above on YouTube, sharing with us screenshots that are supposedly from Dark Souls 3. Now before you go on and get excited, do note that The Know is apparently the same group behind the bogus Silent Hills/Microsoft rumor. However, as many others point out, the screenshots do look legit.

What you should be more cautious about are all those specific numbers that The Know details in the video. For instance, “45 new enemies, 10 classes, 15 bosses” etc. Other details that have reportedly leaked out are as follows:

– Will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One in 2016

– PC release is “negotiable.”

– 1-4 players

– Sacrifice ritual allows you to enter other people’s games

– Bosses can “heat up,” changing their form

– Swordfighting arts add special moves that can be equipped and changed

We’ll update our readers when more details become available. In the meanwhile, let us know what you think of the video.

[Source: The Know (YouTube)]