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David Jaffe Lashes Out at Industry Insiders Who Ruin E3 Surprises

Renowned video game developer, David Jaffe, lashed out at industry “insiders” who ruin E3 surprises that some have spent “months” to set up. In a series of tweets, Jaffe said while he understands why fans want the info and why websites report on the info, he despises insiders who leak the info in the first place. He wrote (rather explicitly):

To all those ‘insiders’ w/E3 secrets who are unable to keep their mouths shut: wow, you are so insidery that you have some info. So what. I find it the height of arrogance and asshole behavior that such ‘insiders’ are totally fine ruining surprises that many have spent MONTHS trying to set up for the fans of games. So fucking lame. No ACTUAL game making insiders would do such a thing. Ugh, makes me ill. I get why fans want the info. I get why sites run the info. I don’t get-and I despise- ‘insiders’ who share the info.


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[Source: David Jaffe (Twitter) via DualShockers]