God of War Creator David Jaffe: I'm 'Glad I Got Out of Making Games'

God of War Creator David Jaffe: I’m ‘Glad I Got Out of Making Games’

God of War creator David Jaffe recently found himself in controversy after discussing a potential Bloodborne remake was on the way. In a follow-up video, Jaffe took aim at the fervor, and said he was glad to be out of the game-making business.

Why is David Jaffe happy to no longer be making games?

In a video tweeted out on Wednesday, Jaffe expressed anger over being lumped in with folks for talking about a potential Bloodborne remake. Jaffe noted that he wasn’t an insider and had no inside knowledge. Jaffe laughed off accusations of bitterness at not being in the industry, and said he’s “glad” he no longer is.

“Some people make video games and they love it, that’s awesome. But it’s like some people can’t fathom…you guys think that job is the best job in the world, it’s so hard,” Jaffe said. “I did it for 20 years, it’s so hard, it takes such a toll. And towards the end, it wasn’t fun. A billion dollar game with marketing is the latest figure I heard…just an average game cost half a [billion] to make, half a [billion], you think it’s fun to ride herd over that?”

Jaffe went on to describe the environment of a game studio in exhausting detail. He expressed happiness at no more in-studio politics, nor managing of other people’s expectations.

“All the cooks in the kitchen, from sales, to marketing, and then the pure politicals of the team to begin with…,” said Jaffe. “And then you got the programmer who cares more about the graphics than the gameplay, and then marketing knows graphics sell, so you gotta deal with the political bulls— of marketing and the lead programmer going to lunch together and talking…I mean, you can have it…I’m much happier sitting here with my YouTube videos and my stream, where nobody can tell me what to do, and I don’t have to worry about ‘can I tweet this? Let me run it up through 40 f—— chains of command,’ go do that if you wanna do that.”

Finally, Jaffe said that he hopes no one paints his videos as him wanting to still be involved in making games. To close the video, Jaffe said it takes a “special breed” to be in game development in today’s climate, and joked about getting to play the Bloodborne remake.

“But please, do not paint this as ‘Jaffe wishes he was still making games,’ I’m good, my friend. You try the job, especially in today’s climate, and if you love it, great, you’re a special breed. But no thank you, not for me.”