PS4/PC MMO Wander Broken on Both Platforms (Update)


Emma from the development team has reached out to us to offer a clarification on her comments regarding Wander during the Q&A stream. The developers acknowledge all the reported issues and understand that the game in its entirety isn’t working as intended. “We are currently working very hard to get patches and updates out,” she said.

Original story:

The developers behind the PlayStation 4 and PC MMO Wander have come under fire for releasing the game in a broken state. The internet is littered with complaints from players who’ve declared that Wander is probably the worst game released this gen. Just some of the issues highlighted on Reddit include players getting stuck everywhere, falling through the world, broken swimming and jumping mechanics, and the game crashing on a regular basis. User KrazeeDD wrote on the PS4 subredit:

The signs to talk do not register like they should. Animations are non existent and mechanics like swimming and jumping are broke. Trying to swim up or down fast isn’t a thing. Sometimes you character will do a belly flop animation while walking on a flat trail.

The game crashes on a regular basis. When it crashes and you load back in, the game forgets you found all those previous word stones and you can’t talk again. If you want to go back to re snag them you’re looking at hours of backtracking.

This feels like a pre alpha game and they are selling it for a whopping $25.00!!!!

Wait for word on if they decide to fix any of this. It’s clearly an unfinished game. Almost feels like they submitted the wrong coding to Sony of an earlier build because NO WAY any of this gets by PS certification.

Destructoid’s Jed Whitaker reports that he tested the game on his PC and noted that his mouse stopped responding at one point, rune stones didn’t seem to function at all, and the game suffered from horrible pop-ins. He also noted that unlike other MMOs, he didn’t see a single other player in the game.

People have been contacting the developers for comments on this so we’ll update our readers in due course. In the meantime, let us know if you’ve already purchased the game and have experienced similar issues.

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