The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Was YouTube’s Number One “Trending” Game for May 2015

YouTube has shared its list of May’s Top 10 “trending” games with Kotaku, and it’s no surprise that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out on top. CD Projekt RED’s latest adventure climbed up all the way from number seven in April. 

The list is determined after taking into account a number of factors including the amount of video uploads and watch time. Surprisingly, Life is Strange beat Wolfenstein: The Old Blood to claim the second spot. The full list is as follows:

Do note that Conan O’Brien and PewDiePie contributed significantly to put The Witcher 3 out on top, with videos that garnered three million and two million views, respectively. PewDiePie’s Life Is Strange video accounted for 2.6 million views so that might explain why it managed to claim the second spot.

Anyone surprised to see Assassin’s Creed Unity in there?

[Source: Kotaku]