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YouTube Reportedly Demonetizing Channels Randomly in Response to Advertisement Crackdown

Gaming channels among those affected.

YouTube and Disney Distance Themselves From PewDiePie Over Anti-Semitic Content

YouTube cancels premium show.

Now Loading…Do You Trust YouTubers?

This is a big deal, right?

Shadow of Mordor Influencers

PewDiePie Responds to Shadow of Mordor Influencer Scandal, Calls Out Media for False Reporting

His videos did include disclaimers.

Conan O’Brien Plays Far Cry Primal With PewDiePie

Perverted badger sidekick included.

Hello Games Co-Founder Sean Murray and PewDiePie to Be on The Late Show

October 1st and 2nd.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Was YouTube’s Number One “Trending” Game for May 2015

Life Is Strange comes second.

Dying Light Advertising Poster Uses Ridiculous PewDiePie Quote, Creates Controversy

Seems a little unethical.

Minecraft Was YouTube’s Second-Most Popular Search Term of 2014, Gaming Videos Gaining Popularity

And PewDiePie beat Eminem.

Phil Fish: YouTube Revenue Should be Shared With Developers, “Anything Else is Basically Piracy”

He’s like a Twitter ninja!