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Minecraft Was YouTube’s Second-Most Popular Search Term of 2014, Gaming Videos Gaining Popularity

Google has recently issued a list of the most popular YouTube search queries of 2014, in which Minecraft has taken the second spot behind the generic term “music.” Such was its popularity during the year that it even beat the term “movies.” The image below lists all the popular search queries, which also includes Swedish video game commentator, PewDiePie.

google report

A Google report states that videos in the “gaming” category were in YouTube’s Top 10 Trending list on 25 different days during the month of October 2014. However, a survey revealed that many of the users watching videos in the “gaming” category didn’t identify themselves as gamers. The report further states:

A Google Consumer Survey fielded in October 2014 of people who said they watch gaming videos on YouTube revealed that only a portion of this group (37%) considers themselves ‘gamers.’ “When asked about their motivations for watching gaming videos, viewers mentioned ‘entertainment’ and ‘humor’ as often as they mentioned ‘learning new strategies’ or ‘game tips.’

We also wanted to find out why they watch videos by creators such as PewDiePie and SkyDoesMinecraft. Quite a few fans answered, ‘Because they’re hilarious!’ Some even compared these videos to stand-up comedy. An up-and-coming gaming creator summed up interest with the following analogy: ‘You don’t have to play soccer to enjoy it on TV.'”

Interesting findings! What do our readers think?

[Source: Think With Google via Joystiq]