Dying Light Advertising Poster Uses Ridiculous PewDiePie Quote, Creates Controversy

Many of us probably know that PewDiePie was one of the most searched for terms on YouTube last year, and it looks like Techland, the creator of Dying Light, was well aware of that fact as well.

According to an image taken of a Dying Light advertising poster, a ridiculous line from PewDiePie has been used to advertise the zombie killing, parkour game. The quote reads “I love this game. It’s sooo awesome!” and was apparently taken from a playthrough of the game that PewDiePie participated in, the video of which can be seen above.

PewDiePie Dying Light

The worst part about this is that many people have claimed that the video was actually sponsored by Techland, meaning the popular YouTuber was essentially paid to give the game praise. To then use the quote on the advertisement in a way that makes it look like PewDiePie said that without any cash incentive — that just seems slightly unethical. 

What do you think about the quote? Do you think it was wrong of Techland to use it on the ads?

[Source: Berina Omerdic (YouTube) via CraveOnline]