Dying Light Update

Dying Light Gets a New Easier ‘Story Mode’ Difficulty Over 5 Years After Launch

Five years since its launch, the original Dying Light just received a substantial update featuring a handful of highlights. Most notably, the update adds a new “Story Mode” difficulty, which increases player attack power while decreasing damage dealt by zombies and the environment. Items have also gotten a boost in effectiveness, and the game’s day/night cycle has been adjusted to make things easier. Story Mode is intended for players who want to breeze through the game while focusing on its narrative, perhaps as a means to refresh your memory on it ahead of the sequel’s release. The update also comes with a number of additions, such as new outfits, blueprints, and a new live event.

Dying Light’s latest update is available for free on PS4 right now. Here’s what to expect from it:

Dying Light Update Patch Notes:

  • Added a new game difficulty: Story Mode
    • Decreased damage dealt by zombies by 25%
    • Increased damage dealt by player by 50-100%
    • Decreased fall damage by 50%
    • Normal attacks use 25% less stamina
    • Charged attacks use 25% less stamina
    • Medkits are twice as effective
    • Player loses 50% less experience points upon death
    • Days are longer by 25%
    • Nights are shorter by 25%
    • Traders pay 20% more for player’s items
    • Player earns 50% less Legend experience
    • Airdrops remain on the map twice as long

Fixed a bug with missing additional particles on:

  1. Last Wish Revolver – additional smoke effect
  2. Dragon Ji Polearm – additional fire effect
  3. Leaping Tiger Dao Sword – additional fire effect
  • Added new weapons and blueprints
  • Added a new explosive device
  • Added new types of live event
  • Added new outfits
  • Support for additional dockets
  • Minor bug fixes

In celebration of Dying Light’s fifth birthday, a month-long event kicked off today giving players new content each week. For starters, Dying Light is currently available for free on Steam for a limited time. More content will be revealed each week as the month-long celebration goes on.

Players across all platforms can also purchase the new 5th Anniversary Bundle for $2.99, featuring numerous weapons to make slaying zombies that much easier. Here’s what you get with the bundle:

  • Brand new pipe – Consecutive hits boost damage +50% after 3 or more hits;
  • New sledgehammer
  • A brand new double-barreled shotgun – with 50% faster reload speed, increased

    damage size and bullet speed: can shoot both shells at once to produce a

    “malfunctioning effect,” packs a heavy punch

Its sequel, Dying Light 2, is still set for release sometime in the future. It was initially scheduled to launch this spring but was delayed indefinitely to improve the user experience. It’s unclear when it’ll launch, but until then, you can still enjoy the original Dying Light along with all its new content.

[Source: Techland via MP1st]