The Order: 1886 “On Its Way” to Achieving Sales Expectations, Ready at Dawn Working On Two New IPs

Taking part in a separate interview with Game Informer to answer questions about the recent hiring of Paul Sams, the new Ready at Dawn CEO and Ru Weerasuriya, now President and CCO, briefly discussed the performance of The Order: 1886, which released on PlayStation 4 in February.

Asked how The Order performed commercially and if it met expectations, Sams replied:

While we would love to share with you how well The Order: 1886 has performed since it release, those are numbers that only Sony can divulge. Suffice it to say, we are very proud of that game, and we are well on our way to achieving the sales performance that we sought.

Despite touting Bloodborne’s sales after just a few weeks, Sony has remained tight-lipped about The Order: 1886’s sales. However, we do know that it finished 9th in the US at retail for February, with North American PlayStation Store sales during February putting it in 4th on PS4.

As for the future of Ready at Dawn, Sams revealed they have two original properties in development right now:

We have two original IPs currently under development that we own. However, we are not at a point in the development process that we can discuss them. Stay tuned…

Sams said earlier today, “We want to build, own and publish our own IPs in the future,” so don’t expect them to give up ownership of either of those IP going forward.

[Source: Game Informer]