The Elder Scrolls Online Facing Release Day Overload, Server Timeouts

A little over two hours ago, it was that time many had been waiting for. The clocks counting down the unlock for everyone who pre-loaded The Elder Scrolls Online ran out and the servers officially opened. As the floodgates were pulled back, many people — myself included — attempted to login and begin their journeys through Tamriel, but found themselves met with a roadblock.

I am currently sitting in a PSN party chat with three people who have all been mashing the X button in repeated attempts to login, but finding ourselves met with server timeouts every time. Friends on PSN and Facebook are messaging me asking if I am able to get on. Reddit is alight with posts, jokes, and memes about the servers failing, and it seems that the problems are plaguing both PS4 and Xbox One.

Bethesda and Zenimax are acknowledging the issues, responding to a help thread on The Elder Scrolls Online forums saying “Hey everyone. We’re working on getting this resolved as soon as possible. We’ll update you as soon as everything is up and running. Thanks for your patience!”

All is not lost though. Some people are able to log in and play. Our own D’yani Wood (who is in the same house and on the same network that I am on) was able to get online right after the servers opened at midnight EST, create her character, and play through the first couple hours. At this point, I may just have to give in, call it a night, and try again in the morning, when hopefully the login issues will be resolved. 

Have you been trying to log in to play The Elder Scrolls Online? Were you successful in your attempts? We’ll be sure to keep you updated if there continue to be any issues with the servers.