Nyko PS4 Data Bank Now Out

After the release date leak and the price confirmation, the Nyko PS4 Data Bank is now available to the gaming public.

In case you’re not familiar with the peripheral, here’s the product description straight from the press release:

Nyko Technologies today announced the release of the highly-anticipated Data Bank for PlayStation 4, a hard drive dock that enables users to upgrade their console memory capacity from the PS4’s standard 2.5” hard drive to cheaper, higher-capacity 3.5” hard drives. The Data Bank is available now at select retailers for $39.99. 

Additionally, Chris Arbogast, Nyko Director of Marketing has a few words to say as well.

With the Data Bank, we’re offering a solution that expands the console’s functionality and provides gamers with the convenience of extra storage space…With downloadable and hard copies of games taking up tens of gigs of storage against the stock 500GB hard drive, we’re facing the tough decision of choosing which game save to delete in favor of playing a new game. Nyko wants to make sure that never has to happen again.

The Nyko PS4 Data Bank screws on top of the PS4 with a single-screw installation, and has a built-in LED strip that illuminates whenever the console is accessing the device’s memory.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle’s official review of the device soon.

Are you picking one up? Or are you waiting for Sony to announce external hard drive support?