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Editor’s Letter: #PSLSatE3 and Event Coverage

Not only is June a special month for gamers everywhere due to E3, but it’s extra special for me, since this month marks my first year anniversary as Editor-in-Chief of PlayStation LifeStyle. Yes, my first month with the site was during E3!

While our E3 coverage last year was nothing to scoff at, we’re going to be leagues above that this year. We started our E3 stuff with our Road to E3 coverage, which not only has news, but a ton of excellent features and videos as well. It’s our way of bringing the hype leading to the big event next week.

For this year, we want to involve YOU, our readers, in whatever E3 madness we partake in be it on the show floor, or in the announcements that’s sure to excite — and in some cases disappoint — gamers around the world.  During every press conference, which we’ll post here on the site, you’ll see a big box housed in each post that will feature every tweet the staff makes pertaining to our E3 coverage.

So how do you join in? All you have to do is go on Twitter (and you really should have one since we do a ton of giveaways on it), and tweet using the hashtag #PSLSatE3 and it will show up inside the widget! Super crazy easy, and you’ll even be seen by the other readers as well.

Want to touch base with anyone on staff (be it the home team or the ones on the show floor), or react to one of our news posts and features? Use the hashtag! 

As for the event itself, PlayStation LifeStyle has a full team attending the event that will cover every press conference, go hands-on with some of the biggest games of the year, and also interview some of the brightest studios in the world. 

You can check out every press conference schedule right here, so you’ll be sure you won’t miss anything. Or better yet, check the site regularly and our social media channels for the latest updates. If you’re a PlayStation fan, you won’t want to miss our coverage.

In case you want to know what the staff expects next week, check out the gallery below for our E3 2015 predictions and expectations.