“Oh, Deer!” Will Likely Be the Last PlayStation Mobile Game

With PlayStation Mobile essentially shutting down on July 15 of this year, there really aren’t too many developers eager to push new games onto it. However, Polish developer Brandon Sheffield and his studio Necrosoft Games are planning on releasing Oh, Deer! onto PS Mobile in a few weeks, and it will likely end up being the last game to ever hit the app store.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Sheffield mentioned that he knows PS Mobile is shutting down, and explained that “we’re going down with the ship.” He then went on to say that Sony “gave us money for our first ever game,” which is called Gunhouse, and if it wasn’t for them, Necrosoft might have never survived as a company.

They gave us money for our first ever game. If not for that, we wouldn’t have had any money and we might have folded in the very first year. They took a chance on us.

Oh, Deer! recently failed Sony’s certification process because of a few small issues, but it will be resubmitted soon. The actual game looks wacky and a little gory, putting players behind the wheels of a station wagon as they try to run down deer. 

[Source: Eurogamer]