5 Recent Surprises (That Weren’t Really Surprising) – A Podcast of Sorts

So hey, E3’s coming up. As we prepare to try new-ish things (video game sequels), I’ll also try some new-ish things (podcasting).  I’ve noticed, recently, a lot of people seemed surprised by stuff I thought we all saw coming a mile away.

Here’s the discussion with time stamps:

00:00 – Unsurprising Surprises

00:40 – The Uncharted PS4 Collection

05:40 – Leaks and Fallout 4

12:04 – No Stella in Final Fantasy XV

14:16 – Dark Souls 3 leaked

15:51 – Predicting unsurprising surprises: Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4

19:17 – Should companies try to surprise us? The battle for attention.

26:10 – The biggest surprises are often things we don’t want

Celebration, I understood, but what surprised me is how surprised other people were. I dunno. I’m probably being really cynical.

Did any of these truly shock you? What are your less-than-bold predictions for the future?

Thanks for listening (or, if you didn’t listen, then thanks for almost listening).