Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Fact Sheet Lists the Specialists, Zombies and More

While Call of Duty is often labeled as being the same every year, Treyarch seeks to change that with Black Ops 3.

To further illustrate its point, Activision has sent out the official Black Ops 3 fact sheet, which goes over the available Specialist, customization, the campaign, the partial list of maps, and of course, zombies!

The Black Ops III campaign is designed for four-player online co-op and re-playability on the next-gen,with players encountering the epic cinematic moments Call of Duty® is known for in new open-areaengagements designed to allow players to approach the game with a different strategy each time theyplay. Every player is completely customizable: from weapons and loadouts, to abilities and outfits, allwith full progression systems and a personalized armory to show off accomplishments, providing aconstantly-evolving campaign experience.
Key Campaign Additions Include:
 Spatial Design and Larger Environments have been created to utilize more powerful hardware,providing players with the ability to “go off the rails” and engage enemies in a manner of theirchoosing in open-area gameplay. Players will enjoy added re-playability, with no two engagementsbeing the same. With such open areas, the team at Treyarch overhauled its AI and animation systems, supporting more than 20 different emergent AI systems that challenge players in a variety of ways.
 Cyber Cores and Tactical Rigs are cybernetic modifications that allow an added degree of player customization. Cyber Cores provide a variety of skills from remote hacking and controlling drones, tochain melee strikes.  Tactical Rigs are passive upgrades to the soldiers that allow them to useadvanced movement and defensive capabilities.  All of these options allow teams to construct a variety of differently configured soldiers to tackle engagements in a variety of ways.
 The Safe House is the area players visit between campaign levels to customize their weapons and loadouts, show off their medals and achievements, or access the game’s Wiki to gain further information on the world and backstory.
ALL-NEW MOVEMENT SYSTEM: Black Ops III features a new momentum-based, precision-focused,chained-movement system, allowing players to fluidly move through the environment with finesse,using controlled thrust jumps, power slides, and fast mantling capabilities in a multitude of combinations. With the guns up philosophy, players maintain full control of their weapon at all timesand have 360-degrees of motion through all maneuvers. Maps are designed from the ground-up for the new movement system, giving players a feeling of power over how they use the environment for advanced tactics, while at the same time pushing strong head-to-head engagements for classic BlackOps boots-on-the-ground action.
ALL-NEW SPECIALIST SYSTEM: Treyarch is introducing nine elite Specialists to choose from in multiplayer – each with their own look, personality, voice and battle-hardened weapons and abilities.The nine Specialists can be ranked up, offering a new level-progression pathway alongside global XP andweapons XP. The Specialists system changes the way players engage in combat at key points throughout a match, as each weapon and ability is designed to make your Specialist a unique force on the field. 
The 6 Specialists that have been revealed to date:
 Callsign: Ruin

o Real Name: Donnie Walsh
o Bio: Raised in a military family in a tough neighborhood, he is fearless and headstrong, aninfantry soldier through and through. He uses his unique abilities to rush into battle and surprise the enemy with sheer force.
o Weapon: Gravity Spikes – creates a devastating area of effect shockwave in the surrounding area.
o Ability: Overdrive – Initiates a burst of speed that accelerates all movement for a shortperiod of time.
 Callsign: Seraph

o Real Name: Zhen Zheno Bio:  Militant enforcer of the 54I crime syndicate’s rule of law. She is known for her focused
and unflinching combat discipline, striking fear within the ranks of the cartel.o Weapon: Annihilator – massive high-caliber revolver with penetration rounds.o Ability: Combat Focus – triggers a bonus multiplier to score earned towards Scorestreaks fora period of time.
 Callsign: Outrider

o Real Name: Alessandra Castillo
o Bio: Developed keen observation skills growing up in the streets of the Favela, traversing the rooftops to watch the action of the city below, and this earned her a place in the ranks of the Brazilian Special Forces. She outsmarts enemies by finding them before they have a
chance to know what hit them.
o Weapon: Sparrow – compound Bow w/explosive bolts and variable range.
o Ability: Vision Pulse – pings the surrounding area and tags the location of all enemies within range for a period of time.
 Callsign: Reaper

o Real Name: Experimental War Robot (EWR)
o Bio: Started as an expensive military R&D project to supplement Special Operations soldiers in the field, the EWR was a cutting-edge prototype combat robot, the most advanced in the world at the time. Budget overruns and embarrassing political incidents left the project all
but a resource for scrap metal, except for the one prototype that remained.
o Weapon: Scythe – robotic arm transforms into a high power Mini-Gun.
o Ability: Psychosis – Infiltrate enemy DNI systems to simulate three instanced decoy Reapers.
 Callsign: Prophet

o Real Name: David Wilkes
o Bio:  Wilkes got his first set of cybernetic augmentations while serving in the British Engineering Corps. Five years and many upgrades later, he is the embodiment of cuttingedge of human weaponry on the battlefield, using his superior technology to disrupt
opponents’ tactics before moving in for the kill.
o Weapon: Tempest – Charge-shot weapon that fires an arc of electricity, shocking targets and chaining to all nearby enemies.
o Ability: Glitch – Flash back to a previous position with this system mod that hacks the battlefield simulation grid.
 Callsign: Nomad

o Real Name: Tavo Rojas
o Bio: Last surviving member of an elite Rapid Deployment Force unit specialized in JungleWarfare, Rojas has gone off-grid using his survivalist training to stay alive. At home in the wild, he uses his skills to turn the environment against his foes.
o Weapon: H.I.V.E. – Deploys pod traps which release a deadly swarm of nano drones whentriggered.
o Ability: Rejack – Recover from near death by injecting a nanoparticle serum into thebloodstream. 
ALL-NEW CUSTOMIZATION:   Treyarch is taking weapon modification to a whole new level. With thenew Gunsmith system, any weapon can be tailored to your preference with multiple models for eachattachment, distinctive camos, and custom emblems.  Multiple attachments and an optic can be addedto weapons, giving you the opportunity to build out the ultimate weapon for battle.  And on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC, the new Weapon Paint Shop feature goes beyond the standard emblem editor andlets players create custom graphics that are displayed on the sides of their guns. With up to 64 layersand three sides to design, players will be able to create their own signature weapon variants with apractically infinite number of possible combinations.
CombineSet in the remote Egyptian Sahara, this vertical farming and sustainability research facility plays fast and frenetic with tight interiors, an open middle and a dangerous flank path.
Hunted: This big game hunting lodge is situated beneath a waterfall in the lush mountains of Ethiopia,where rugged terrain opens up to long sight lines and a stealthy underwater pathway.
StrongholdA high-tech Swiss chateau in the frozen, mountainous Alps, Stronghold has an asymmetricaldesign with a mix of exposed sight lines and tight, close quarters.
Evac: An abandoned emergency evacuation zone atop an overgrown rooftop in the middle of Singapore’s flooded quarantine zone.
Since the introduction of the original Zombies Easter Egg in Call of Duty®: World at War, Treyarch hasbeen nurturing a global following of pure Zombies fans. Black Ops III answers their call with a signature Zombies offering, complete with its own distinct storyline and a full XP-based progression system forplayers that adds depth and re-playability to the engaging gameplay Zombies fans have come to expect.
Whew! That’s certainly a lot of info to take in all at once. Aside from that, new screenshots from Black Ops 3 have also been sent out, which you can see in the gallery below. 
Stay tuned for our Black Ops 3 multiplayer hands-on impressions later in the week.