SuperHyperCube is a Project Morpheus Exclusive at Launch in 2016

Coming to us from developer Kokoromi and published by Polytron, SuperHyperCube is a first-person puzzler releasing exclusively for Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4 at launch in 2016.

In development in one form or another since 2008, the original gameplay vision for SuperHyperCube is a “truly physical puzzle game that is both fully enveloping and plays with your perception.”

When virtual reality came along, Kokoromi explains that they found SuperHyperCube’s true home:

Since looking at the game through red and blue lenses altered the perception of other colors in the game, the first iteration of SuperHyperCube looked best and had the cleanest 3D effect when it was rendered entirely in greyscale. One of the exciting possibilities opened up for us by Morpheus is that for the first time, we can finally go far beyond the chromatic limitations of that technology and really explore color.

Aesthetically, this VR version of SuperHyperCube is influenced by our love for all things glowing, epitomized by neon light, 80s motion graphics, early computer art and the minimalist art movement known as “light and space”. Artists grouped in this genre worked with surfaces of different materials, and using neon, LEDs, and sunlight, to create abstract work and spaces which might change over time or when viewed from different angles. We want to give players an experience something like flying or floating through one of these works.

What do you think of SuperHyperCube so far?

[Source: PS Blog]