Yoshida “Slightly Concerned” Initially Due to Microsoft Not Working on VR Publicly

While Microsoft isn’t working on its own virtual reality device, it is, however, partnering with VR companies such as Oculus to have some sort of virtual reality program, 

In an interview, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida was asked if he was worried about Microsoft’s approach to VR, and its penchant to partner with other VR companies not named Sony.

Q: I know that there’s a lot of shared knowledge in VR even with separate companies. Are you at all worried about Microsoft’s approach to VR and that it’s just partnering with everyone that’s not Sony PlayStation?

Yoshida: Not at all. I was slightly concerned before because Microsoft was not working on VR publicly; they might say, “Oh VR is not a ‘now’ thing.” But, now they are in it. So I’m so happy that every company is working for the advancement of VR. And it’s just natural because they provide an OS for PC. So HTC, Valve and Oculus have to work very closely with Microsoft to have the tight integration because every mistake counts. So we can do it internally because PS4 is our own OS.

Even if Microsoft doesn’t have its own VR device, it does have the HoloLens, which some might argue looks even more exciting than Project Morpheus. Check out the HoloLens E3 demo here.

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[Source: engadget]