DriveClub Digital Version Gets a Permanent Price Drop, PlayStation Plus Edition “Out Soon”

When the PlayStation Store updated this past Tuesday, the price of DriveClub had dropped to $39.99 for everyone and $24.99 to PlayStation Plus members in the United States ($43.99/$27.49 in Canada).

According to Game Director Paul Rustchynsky, this is a permanent drop:

DriveClub has now been permanently reduced on the US PlayStation Store to $39.99 & just $24.99 for PS+ Members.

If you’re wondering about the $24.99 Season Pass, Rustchynsky says, “There are no plans to reduce to the season pass right now.”

As for the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition, which is in the final stages of development, Paul says it will be “out soon.”

Private lobbies, meanwhile, “are in development and will come after the PS+ Edition.”

Also asked about the PS+ Edition, the official DriveClub Twitter account said, “Yes, we’re working hard to get the game & servers ready to bring it to you. More news on this soon.”

If you’re curious, even with the most recent update, the “total size of DriveClub full game & all updates so far is under 30GB.”

The next update, likely arriving in mid-July, should include options for vehicle sorting.

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