DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition is in the “Final Stages of Development”

With DriveClub undergoing some server maintenance recently to prepare for the PS+ Edition, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky revealed on Twitter that Evolution Studios is “in the final stages of development now” on the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition, but he didn’t give a release window.

Private lobbies, meanwhile, remain in development and the DriveClub companion app will release after the PS+ Edition.

As for the June 2015 DLC and game update, we’ll learn all about the cars and exact release timing next week, with Evolution revealing that we’ll be getting a Velocity Tour Pack this month:

Rustchynsky also teased, “A certain Japanese Car Manufacturer is coming to DriveClub.”

Currently, the DriveClub Season Pass is scheduled to end in July. While some are wondering if we might get a second Season Pass, Rustchynsky could only say, “We’re not quite ready to talk about our future plans.”

[Source: Paul Rustchynsky (Twitter) via Dualshockers]