PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children Launches in Fall 2015

Previewed by us at PlayStation Experience, The Tomorrow Children from developer Q-Games is releasing in Fall 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation 4, Executive Producer Dylan Cuthbert revealed.

An open-world sandbox adventure, The Tomorrow Children follows the story of a future re-imagined from the after-effects of an experiment in 1960s Russia. Over the past few months, Q-Games has been adding new features yet to be seen in trailers and last fall’s closed alpha, while also enriching the story and setting. “Strange and magical tools, cute and unique clothing, and bizarre and imposing structures are just a few of the new additions players will be able to experience,” Cuthbert explains.

He adds:

Although the world of The Tomorrow Children is encased in the bleak Void, life still flourishes as humanity claws its way back from the brink of extinction, and players in the roles of “Projection Clones” will take that life into their own hands.

In the E3 trailer, those of you who were unfortunately unable to attend the event in person will be able to get a glimpse of what life in the world of The Tomorrow Children is like: players will take control the fate of their town and eventually the world itself as they build up and expand it from a nearly empty outpost into a lively home filled with shops, facilities, and even a home of their very own, all while defending everything they’ve built in life and death struggles with invaders from the edges of existence.

Expect more info on The Tomorrow Children as we get closer to launch.

[Source: PS Blog]