Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t Add New Characters, Visuals to “Appear Closer to Reality”

In a Famitsu interview translated by Gematsu, Game Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that, among the potential changes to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, additional characters won’t be one of them:

There won’t be new characters. As for the visual taste, we’re doing them to match today’s visuals and appear closer to reality.

Along with the visuals being closer to reality, they’re changing the game system “to a more realistic system.”

As for that teaser trailer released at E3 2015, Nomura says, “We’re using part of that video in the game. We’re going to raise the quality even more.”

Once again calling the game a full remake that will have more than just improved graphics, Nomura also said they aren’t thinking about where the remake might appear after launching first on PlayStation 4. “Precisely because it’s a full remake,” he adds, “I want to challenge what’s fun and what’s possible now.”

[Source: Famitsu via Gematsu]