PlanetSide 2 Experiencing Issues With Servers and Purchases, Daybreak Games Working to Fix It

PlanetSide 2 is now out on PlayStation 4, but it has run into a few problems.

On his Twitter page, and on the PlanetSide 2 forum, Daybreak Games Director of Development Andy Sites addressed the numerous issues that are currently plaguing the free-to-play MMO. He explained that due to the large number of players logging in all at once, players were experiencing lag and character warping. He said that some “hardware/software” changes have been made to fix this, and more will continue to be made.

Sites also mentioned that the servers are “down at the moment” in an effort to fix an issue “where purchases made in the PSN Store” were “not actually being granted to players.” He said that once the issue is fixed, purchases will be restored.

Next, the reason why the servers are down at the moment. Since about mid-day, yesterday, we started observing an issue where purchases made in the PSN Store (both in the XMB and through the in-game marketplace) where purchased SKUs were not actually being granted to players. For example, I purchased 500 Battle Cash in the PSN Store, then returned to game and it never showed up on my BC balance. This sucks and is completely unacceptable. But I can tell you that once we fix it, any purchases you made that weren’t fulfilled, will be granted as soon as we resolve the problem. Our internal dev and operations teams have literally been working with the PlayStation group non-stop since it started happening yesterday afternoon. Again, we are confident that it will be resolved and everyone will receive their purchased items. But it might be a few more hours before that happens. Once this is fixed, we will bring the servers back up.

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[Source: Andy Sites (Twitter), PlanetSide 2 Forum]