Hand of Fate PS Vita Version Cancelled

Released for the PlayStation 4 earlier this year (here’s our review), Hand of Fate was also scheduled to have a PlayStation Vita version, but developer Defiant Development confirmed this week that it has been cancelled.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Defiant explained that the amount of work required for a Vita version ultimately led to its cancellation:

A quick note on the Vita build of Hand of Fate. After quite a lot of work, and a lot of time, we’ve decided to cancel HoF for Vita.

We pursued a few options, but ultimately the amount of work required was larger than we anticipated, and our assets needed a lot of work to be viable within the smaller footprint.

This has taken much longer to decide than we would have liked, because until recently we’ve been focused on the ongoing support for Hand of Fate for PC/Mac/Linux/PS4/XboxOne.

As a tiny indie team, we have to choose where we apply our resources – and in this case, we’ve decided they’re best used to continue supporting HoF on other platforms, and in building new projects. We spoke at length with a studio that specializes in porting games to Vita, but in the end it was the wrong match for them as well.

We understand that’s disappointing to our Vita fans – it’s disappointing to us, as well. Apologies for the length of time and effort it’s taken to reach this point.

Developed in Unity, Defiant says the memory requirements are pretty steep for Vita, “which means a lot of work changing everything to fit. Much more than we anticipated.”

Defiant added on Twitter, “If there was someone who wanted to do it/license it, we’d definitely work w/ them. Open for suggestions.”

[Source: Defiant Development (Twitter, Facebook)]