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Super Rare Sony PlayStation SNES Found, Video Uploaded Online

A super rare Sony PlayStation SNES has been found, one of only around 200 to exist.

The console, which you can see a video of above, was discovered by Dan Diebold in a box of stuff his father’s friend, who used to work at Nintendo, gave to his father. The Sony PlayStation SNES never was distributed to the public, and never made it past prototype.

Sony PlayStation SNES

Apparently, back in the early 90’s, Sony and Nintendo partnered up to create this system, which basically was a Super Nintendo with a CD drive. However, Nintendo made a deal with Philips behind Sony’s back, ending the partnership between Sony and Nintendo. Sony went on to continuing working on its console, which eventually became the original PlayStation.

There were some rumors that Diebold’s system was fake, but they have since been disproved. What do you think of the rare Sony PlayStation SNES?

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