Allison Road Creator in Talks With Sony and Microsoft, Working on VR Version

Allison Road, an upcoming fan-made, spiritual successor of Konami’s P.T., might be available on virtual reality devices at some point, and it could possibly come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In an interview with EmuGlx, creator Christian Kesler explained that P.T. heavily influenced Allison Road, and he mentioned that fans from around the world are remotely working on the project He said a PC demo will hopefully be released near the end of the year, with a full version releasing in Q3 of next here. He also mentioned that “the game is already designed with VR in mind.”

Actually the game is already designed with VR in mind. For example the UI will be mapped on geometry and all objects that you can examine/use/store are actual 3D objects and not images/cards or anything like that. We’re currently working on a 3D compatible menu system and inventory in fact.

While the VR system that is being looked into is the Oculus Rift, Kesler said it could be possible to bring the horror game to other devices, such as Sony’s Project Morpheus. However, the only platform Allison Road is definitely coming out on is PC, although he mentioned that he is in talks with “PlayStation and [email protected] right now.

I am currently talking to PlayStation and [email protected], but as of right now I can’t confirm anything. It’s ongoing.

Would you like to see Allison Road hit consoles? Think you would be brave enough to try it on a VR device?

[Source: EmuGlx]