Myriad Is a Musical Shooter Coming to PS4 and PS Vita

Described as a “beatmatched crystallization of arcade aesthetics,” musical shooter Myriad was announced for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita today, though no release window was given.

The first solo game from Erlend Grefsrud, Myriad is purely about performance and doesn’t feature a story or obvious meaning, with Grefsrud adding:

The game is pretty simple: defeat enemies to build the level you play in. But beware: defeating enemies only multiplies their numbers. Your goal is to blow up the level you built in a glorious chain reaction to clear it of enemies, upgrade your weapons — and do it again. Bigger and better.

As you progress, you make and break bigger and bigger worlds along with ever greater swarms of enemies. All the while, the soundtrack builds around your performance, punctuating events and swelling towards the next explosive crescendo.

Competing to deliver the highest-scoring performance, every one of those performances is recorded and can be rewound. Myriad also allows you to control time, meaning that you don’t restart when you die – you just rewind. “No game over screen, no breaking the flow, just undo your mistake and keep performing.”

In addition to sharing your performances and watching your friends’ best performances, you can resume playing a replay any time you watch one.

Here’s a couple more gameplay videos for Myriad:

[Source: PS Blog]