Disagea Triples the Crazy With 3-in-1 Pack for PS3

Nippon Ichi and NIS America have revealed the Disgaea Triple Play Collection for PS3, which bundles the Disgaea series three PS3 outings into one package. Out now in Europe, the pack will also come to North America on Sept. 15, just a few weeks before Disgaea 5 arrives on PS4.

Disgaea hit the PS3 early Disgaea 3 in 2008, again in 2011 with Disgaea 4, and then the spinoff Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness changed up the formula on 2013. These three games make up the Triple Play Collection. The European version is priced at 40 Euros, so it’s assumed that the North American version should be around 40 dollars.

It doesn’t seem to be specified anywhere whether these are all on one disc, separate discs, a disc plus a few download codes, or what.


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