Top 5 Best God of War Boss Battles

In this week’s top five video, we’re celebrating God of War III’s release on the PlayStation 4 (with the review coming up very, very soon) by counting down the best God of War boss battles ever! Well, at least until God of War IV comes along and shakes up the list.

It’s fairly obvious but it bears mentioning that the footage above will spoil the games for you! If you haven’t played/completed God of War 1-3, then it’s better to not watch the video and experience the fights fresh.

We’ve picked five battles from God of War, God of War II, and God of War III (Sorry, God of War: Ascension!), and show you the best of the best. Bear in mind, though, taste is subjective, so our top five boss encounters might not include your picks. 

Do you agree with our top five best God of War boss battles? What’s your top five boss encounters in the franchise? Sound off and let us know.

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