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Atlus and Vanillaware Collaborating on New HD Project, Teasing a Reveal on July 20

Atlus and Vanillaware are teaming up to collaborate on a new HD project, the details for which remain unknown at the moment. However, the project’s website is teasing a July 20 reveal at 19:00 JPT (06.00 EDT). A NicoNico livestream will cover the full reveal. The website also states “From Boston.”

Vanillaware is the developer behind games like GrimGrimoire and Odin Sphere, both of which released for the PlayStation 2. More recently, Atlus published the developer’s 2013 title, Dragon’s Crown

It’s unclear whether the upcoming HD project will be an entirely new game or an HD remake of an older game, but we’ll update our readers as more details become available. In the meanwhile, feel free to guess what’s coming.

[Source: Atlus Vanillaware JP via Siliconera]

(Note: the image above is from Dragon’s Crown)