Vanillaware Developing New Fantasy Action RPG

Vanillaware Developing New Fantasy Action RPG

Unicorn Overlord developer Vanillaware revealed it is working on a new action RPG. The project is likely extremely early in development and doesn’t have a title yet. However, the studio did share some artwork revealing a few character designs.

Vanillaware is hiring developers for a new action RPG

On Tuesday, Vanillaware’s official Twitter account announced the Osaka-based studio is looking for a programmer, background artist, and 2D animator/motion designer for a new fantasy action RPG. The specific positions make sense, given the studio’s love of detailed sprites and beautiful 2D backdrops. However, as an action RPG the game is likely closer to Dragon’s Crown than Unicorn Overlord or 13 Sentinels.

The artwork accompanying the announcement also gives Vanillaware fans something to look at. The main character, or at least the one at the center of the picture, is a young woman in an impractically tall crown holding a red apple. She gives strong Snow White vibes, though her armored gauntlets imply she’s not defenseless. At first glance, one might miss the small white fairy hovering by her hair and looking down with an expression of surprise.

A witch in a frilly hat and low-cut dress stands holding her black cat in the back left. She also appears to be the source of the tentacles stretching across the background. Meanwhile, the dragon woman on the right seems to have an actual face on the back of her head. However, since the dragon head is the part wearing a crown, it may be the other way around.

Vanillaware’s last two games were a tactical RPG with Unicorn Overlord and a hybrid RTS adventure game with 13 Sentinels. However, the studio also has plenty of experience with more action-oriented games. This goes back to Odin Sphere on the PS2 and Muramasa: The Demon Blade on the Wii. However, the most relevant comparison is probably 2013’s Dragon’s Crown on the PS3, PS4, and Vita. While it’s too early to speculate, it seems likely that the new action RPG will have similar side-scrolling gameplay.