No Man’s Sky Release Date Hasn’t Been Announced yet Due to Things Outside of Hello Games’ Control

Back at E3, Hello Games Founder Sean Murray said the No Man’s Sky release date announcement on PlayStation 4 and PC was planned for the event, but was pushed back ” for reasons” and would instead be revealed soon after. Then, with No Man’s Sky getting a month of coverage from IGN throughout July, many expected the announcement would happen today, the last day of the month.

Well, it unfortunately didn’t happen. However, Murray answered some questions about No Man’s Sky, including why the release date is still an unknown:

I guess there’s two things, when the release date is, but also when we announce that date. We can’t announce the date right now, because of things that are not entirely in our control, but honestly for good reasons. It’ll be announced as soon as we can.

What really matters though, the big thing for us, is that date when you actually get to play the game yourself. I know you aren’t alone in wanting that to arrive as quickly as possible. If people could see how hard this team is working, how intently, passionately and crazily… man if people could see that, I’m pretty sure they’d tell us to ease off, to take a break.

The reality is we wouldn’t ease off though, because nobody wants to get No Man’s Sky out there in the world more than we do. You talk to anyone here, and they’ll whisper about their post-launch “thing”. The sacrifices that’ll end, or that one thing we so desperately want to do, but is on hold until after the game is shipped. We’ve pretty much all had recurring dreams and nightmares about that moment of uploading the final build.

I guess it’s easy to forget we’re just a small self funded indie studio. I remember even on Joe Danger, we ran out of time, energy and even money, maxing out credit cards, but we just kept going. That’s where we are now. And this is such an ambitious game, such a small team, and under so much pressure. You can’t go to sleep at night because it’s not going to be as good as you promised yourself, or as good as you can now see it could be.

Sony said earlier this year that No Man’s Sky would be a big part of their Holiday 2015 PS4 line-up, but their official website now lists the release date as “TBD.”

Do you think we’ll see No Man’s Sky this year?

[Source: IGN]