Hellblade Videos Show Cinematic Intro and Gameplay Clips

At gamescom 2015 last week, Ninja Theory showed a “very early” version of Hellblade to the media. Today, they uploaded the opening cinematic to YouTube, offering up a look at what main character Senua is up against.

As well, Ninja Theory published a gameplay video that features different in-development gameplay clips pieced together, with the scenes changing quickly. This video content leaked on the internet previously, so Ninja Theory decided to upload it in much higher quality.

For the video, skip ahead to 1:45 for a look at combat, 2:58 for some adventuring and the world, 4:25 for more combat, and ending with some more adventuring at 5:10:

If you missed it last week, there’s also a Q&A video from Ninja Theory answering your questions about Hellblade:

Hellblade is expected to release in 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: Ninja Theory (Twitter 1, 2)]