Kung Fury: Street Rage Brings Over the Top Beat ‘Em Up Action to PS4 Today

Released earlier this year on PC and iOS/Android, Kung Fury: Street Rage from developer Hello There is available now on PlayStation 4 in Europe for £3.99, with PlayStation Plus members getting it for £2.00. A North American launch will happen later today.

Unable to resist the retro ’80s bonanza, explosions, Nazi fights and Viking chicks with machine guns of the Kickstarter-funded movie Kung Fury by Laser Unicorns, Hello There went ahead with the video game, as Writer and Level Designer Oskar Hanska explained:

With Kung Fury, we saw an opportunity to create a more straightforward experience: start the game and beat Nazis until your fingers bleed. No fuzz, just endless fighting, awesome retro graphics and a killer synth soundtrack. Inspiration came from the directness of the One Finger Death Punch game and the overall retro love presented in the movie.

With the PS4 release, you’ll see “graphic enhancements to boost that retro arcade look on bigger screens and brand new achievements to accompany the highscore hunt.”

If you’re interested, the full Kung Fury movie can be viewed over on YouTube.

[Source: PS Blog]