Top 5 Best Video Game Sequels

Like it or not, sequels are the norm when it comes to video games. If a game sells well, more often than not, a sequel is on the way a year or two later. Heck, in some cases, it’s being worked even before the first game hits retail.

But sequels and whether they’re good or bad, is conversation for another day. For today, we’re featuring the top five best video game sequels that were released on PlayStation platforms in our weekly Top 5 Tuesday vid. Understandably, there’s bound to be a game or two not included in the video, but we’re confident that the final five games that made the cut are no slouches, either. I wouldn’t be surprised if all five were part of a lot of people’s best ever lists for games, in fact.

Do you agree with our picks? What’s your top five best video game sequels? Share your list in the comments below.

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