PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Fuse Together to Form the OUYE

When a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One love each other very much… a “OUYE” is born, apparently. 

It isn’t difficult to see where the inspiration came from with the OUYE, a “new” video game console which has been discovered on a Chinese crowd-funding site. The brains behind this latest gaming innovation, Shenzhen Ou Ye Technology, are asking for ¥100,000 (~$15,600) to create the Android-based device.


Scrolling through the images on the Kickstarter-esque page made it clear that these guys mean business, putting some serious effort into their scam. I hope no one will be tricked into handing over money for what appears to be a now-gen console, but is no more than your usual Android player.

[Source: NeoGAF]