Volume Getting Critical PS4 Bug Fix Update Soon, New Difficulty Mode in the Works

Released yesterday on PlayStation 4 and PC, with a PlayStation Vita version coming in the next couple of weeks, Volume has already received a lot of feedback from players and creator Mike Bithell addressed some of it in a blog post today.

First saying that “the game’s early success would not have been possible without your support,” Bithell talked about criticism regarding checkpointing, and how they’ll be adding a more difficult mode to Volume:

The design decision wasn’t challenging enough for some and we are diving back in to enhance the Volume. For those who were happy with the game’s checkpointing, don’t worry, that’s still going to be there for you. We’re going to augment Volume with a more difficult mode, focused on another protagonist, a tougher leaderboard which rewards pure stealth play, checkpointing only when unseen, and no story to distract you from the thievery. We’ll get a more detailed update out on our plans for this soon.

Specifically for the PS4 version of Volume, Bithell has fixed a critical bug that sees the game crashing if you exit a level at the exact moment you are shot by an enemy, causing save data problems. The fix is in QA with Sony and the patch is expected to launch within the next few days.

You can also expect subtitle visibility improvements, better language support, and an even more comprehensive settings screen to be added to Volume in the near future.

What do you think of Volume? Have you made any levels?

[Source: Volume Game]