Dynamite Fishing World Games Blows up the PS4 This Week in Europe

From developer Handy Games (Aces of the Luftwaffe), Dynamite Fishing World Games is coming to PlayStation 4 on Wednesday, August 26, in Europe. 

Previously made available on mobile devices, the PS4 version of Dynamite Fishing includes an exclusive multiplayer feature, 10 different boats to choose from, crazy weapons (dynamite, a toaster, a sexy fish, stinky shoe, a squirrel bomb, a fridge, a gatling gun, nukes, and more), five different character with unique super powers, fishing spots from Japan to Venice, and fish who fight back.

Calling it the “funniest fishing game ever,” Handy Games CEO Christopher Kassulke talked about where the idea came from:

The idea was born after a cool fishing trip to Romania with several team members and we all fell in love with the idea to bring some action into the fishing genre. We drank beer and wine on the trip and thought about fishing with Dynamite after we were sitting frustrated in the sun for hours without a single fish on the hook. Not a very politically correct idea, but it’s a game and playing games is about having fun!

Featuring two Gold, one Silver, and seven Bronze, you can check out the full Trophy list over on Exophase.

Handy Games didn’t give a price for Dynamite Fishing, or say if it was coming to North America.

[Source: PS Blog]