Untitled Goose Game HONKS its Way to PS4 Next Week

It seems every year a handful of indie games take the community by storm and 2019 is no different. You’ve probably seen the myriad of goose memes across social media, thanks to the release of the Australian-developed Untitled Goose Game on Switch and PC. But now PlayStation gamers will get a chance to play when it releases for PS4 on December 17, 2019. You can snag a digital copy for $19.99, but if you grab it during an unspecified launch window, you can get it at a discounted $14.99. There’s no word on if a physical version will be made available, but it wouldn’t be surprising to eventually see a retail release from a team like Limited Run Games.

After the success of Untitled Goose Game on Switch and PC, it was only a matter of time before it wound up on other platforms. The idea for the game started as an offhand joke in a Slack channel, as House House director Michael McMaster points out on the PlayStation Blog. He notes, “It’s been a busy three years for us as we turned an offhand joke in our internal Slack channel into a real videogame, but we’re glad we did.”

Luckily, the studio saved the proof:

Untitled Goose Game has a mix of stealth elements and puzzles for you to solve, with an overwhelming sense of humor. The brilliance is that, yes, you’re tasked with terrorizing a village, but all the “harm” you cause can be chalked up as minor inconveniences. For example, you must steal a gardener’s rake and throw it in a lake. Or in another instance, you must switch a boy’s glasses with ones that don’t match his prescription.

Untitled Goose Game has trophies on PS4, of course, and it also has a platinum. The list tasks you with completing each area’s to-do-list, which can be done with the use of a handy YouTube video. Other miscellaneous trophies will have you performing specific tasks within each area, as well as the goal of beating each of the game’s levels within a certain time limit.

Many missed out on Untitled Goose Game this year due to its limited release on Switch and PC, and now more players will have a chance to experience one of 2019’s funniest and most charming games when it hits PS4s next week.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]