Untitled Goose Game is Coming To PS4 (*Honk*)

In a recent interview, the independent Australian developers at House House confirmed that they’re looking to bring their runaway smash-hit to PS4, Xbox One, and potentially even mobile devices. Untitled Goose Game was a long-anticipated project that finally released last month on PC and Nintendo Switch, and early adopters have not been disappointed by the hilarious antics that they can get up to.

The ABC News interview was largely focused upon the surprise success of the game that casts you as a naughty, puzzle-solving stealth goose. On Nintendo Switch, which is the only console the game is currently available for, it shot to the top of the digital download charts and in the process dethroned Nintendo’s own The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake. That’s quite the feat, considering what a flagship franchise the Zelda series always has been and still is for the Japanese company.

Though exact sales figures weren’t shared, the number was confirmed to be over 100,000 and the revenue from just those initial sales is said to ensure that House House can now proceed with developing video games for “as long as [they] like.” Luckily for PS4 fans, first on their agenda appears to be porting Untitled Goose Game to additional platforms so that it can reach the widest possible audience.

The ABC News article specifically names PlayStation and Xbox as desired locations, though a tweet from the game’s publisher does suggest that a version for Apple (and presumably also Android) devices is currently under consideration as well. With many people sharing their love of the game, including Blink 182 in the middle of a recent concert, it’s only a good thing that the uplifting experience be readily available to the greatest possible audience.

Though there wasn’t an exact release period specified for Untitled Goose Game PS4, players can at least look forward to a vibrant indie hit on a similar scale to games like Shovel Knight and Spelunky arriving at some point soon.

[Source: GameSpot via ABC News]