Until Dawn Custom Audio Mode out Today, Launch Trailer Brings the Thrills

One of the PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusives of the year, Until Dawn, has made its way onto store shelves in North America starting today. To commemorate this occasion, Sony has launched the launch trailer for the horror game, which you can see above.

Aside from that, Sony has also released an Until Dawn custom audio mode tuned specifically for PlayStation headsets. This can be downloaded today via the Headset Companion App and should up the scare factor for those who can withstand the game with headsets on.

If you’re still undecided on Until Dawn, go give our review a read where we call it, “When the sun rises and the final survivors are tallied up, you’ll realize Until Dawn isn’t perfect, but no matter which choices you make, it’s one hell of a ride.”

Until Dawn will be across Europe tomorrow, with UK and Ireland getting it on the 28th,

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]