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YouTube Gaming, Google’s Live Streaming Service, Launched Today

A few months ago, Google announced that it would be launching YouTube Gaming, a service similar to Twitch that would allow users to live stream games and upload Let’s Play videos. Today, YouTube Gaming officially launched.

YouTube Gaming allows users to easily search for their favorite games, and watch any live streams or videos related to said games. It’s very similar to Twitch, but it does have one useful feature that Twitch doesn’t really have yet — in case you miss part of a live stream, there’s a handy “DVR” type of feature that allows users to rewind and watch the last four hours of a stream.

You can head on over to the YouTube Gaming site here. And for those of you who watch the PlayStation LifeStyle live streams, please let us know which platform, Twitch or YouTube Gaming, you would prefer us to use for streaming. 

[Source: YouTube Gaming via Eurogamer]