Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Trailer Is All About the Accolades

Before you hunker down and plunk $60 of your hard earned money on Hideo Kojima’s final (for real this time) Konami game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, you might want to watch its accolades trailer, just in case you’re still not convinced.

Watch as numbers and scores are shown on the screen to convince you that this is a game that you need to buy. For me, given that it’s Kojima’s final MGS game, it can be a 2D side-scroller and I’d still buy it just for the memories and for everything Kojima’s done for the genre — but that’s just me.

 In case you do need a review to help you decide, don’t fret! PlayStation LifeStyle’s own review will be up early next week. Resident reviewer Paulmichael Contreras will be doing the honors, and yes, I’ve brought the whip and coffee to make sure he doesn’t rest until he finishes playing and reviewing The Phantom Pain in time for release.

Are you picking up MGSV: The Phantom Pain? If you’re wondering which platform to play it on, go read up on the PS4 vs. Xbox One graphical comparison of the game.