Konami Producer Wouldn't Mind Working With Kojima on Metal Gear

Konami Producer Wouldn’t Mind Working With Kojima on Metal Gear Again

Konami‘s Noriaki Okamura has said that he personally wouldn’t mind working with Hideo Kojima on the Metal Gear series again. In a developer livestream earlier today, the Metal Gear Delta: Snake Eater producer was fielding fan questions when he was asked if there’s any chance the original developers would return to work on the franchise.

Konami infamously fell out with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima in 2015

Okamura said that the aforementioned question was a tough one to answer because it’s not his place to speak for others. Personally, however, he’d “like nothing better” than to work with Kojima and the rest of the original Metal Gear team again. “If that could happen, that would be the dream,” Okamura added.

Okamura said that despite how he feels, the “reality” is that “people have moved on to new things and new commitments,” and that he doesn’t think it’s right for his team to make such a demand of anyone.

You can listen to the conversation around the 11:35 mark in the video below:

Konami and Kojima went through a bitter and ugly divorce in 2015, which saw the publisher scrub his name from Metal Gear’s marketing material and prevent him from accepting an award for MGSV. Kojima has since founded his own studio, Kojima Productions, which has enjoyed considerable success.