Super Time Force Ultra on PS4 & PS Vita Includes a Platinum Trophy, Will Be $14.99 for Non-PS+ Members

Available for free to PlayStation Plus members when it launches on September 1 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, complete with cross-buy, Super Time Force Ultra from Capybara Games will include a Platinum Trophy.

With this PlayStation version of STFU, you’ll find exclusive characters in the form of Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, the traveler from Journey, and Sir Galahad from The Order: 1886.

In a new post today, President Nathan Vella revealed some facts about Super Time Force Ultra. Here’s some of the more interesting ones:

  • The game was in development for almost a year before they added the Time-Out mechanic. Previously, time would automatically rewind to the beginning of a level after you died. “It took us awhile to figure out that this was seriously impacting the length and depth of level, enemy, and boss designs. It was also frustrating as heck. The addition of the Time-Out mechanic changed everything and ended up defining the game.”
  • Cut characters include US Citizen Ninja, Robo Constable, Jesus, and Normal House Cat. Two other characters, one with a grappling hook and one described as a “portal-ing character,” were cut because they broke every single level.
  • The police wear the name SWAZ instead of SWAT as a tribute to Patrick Swayze.
  • “All [male] death screams used in the game were recorded by audio director Sean Lohrisch from inside his bedroom closet to reduce the chance of frightening his neighbours and/or having the police called on him.”
  • “More than 20 different enemy types didn’t make it into the final game, including spin kicking ninjitsu priests, pogostick-riding football robots, werewolf mermaids, and blackhole fur balls from another dimension.”
  • Super Time Force Ultra is rated T for Teen by the ESRB for one image that contains two pixels of “butt crack,” numerous instances of “poo coils,” and use of the word “fudge.”
  • The time rewind mechanic originally used buttons seen on a VCR. “Then we realized that a lot of the players who will play the game probably have never seen a VCR. We then proceeded to feel pretty old.”
  • Knowing it was a lawsuit waiting to happen, they changed the name of Soniq the Dolphin (who wore red sneakers and shot golden rings) to Dolphin Lundgren.
  • Original names for Super Time Force Ultra included: “Re/Run (in hindsight, this is a rad name!), The Endless 6 (when we thought we’d only have 6 characters), Timeliners, Super Time Defenders (this didn’t abbreviate well), Space Heroes In Time (this also didn’t abbreviate well).”

If you don’t have PlayStation Plus, STFU will be $14.99 on its own.

[Source: PS Blog]